HARKE CleanCare: Your Partner for Clean Results

Our raw materials enable your detergents and disinfectants to fight dirt, scale and bacteria effectively and make cleaning for your customers in industry and household easy.

CleanCare – Detergents and Disinfectants

Purity, cleanness and hygiene are of an important impact in our society. In many sectors these factors even are essential like for example in nursing homes for old and ill people and hospitals. But also food factories, breweries and canteen kitchens are subject to strict hygiene restrictions. In order to assure the quality and purity of detergents and disinfectants in all these industries, we make great demands on the raw materials and additives distributed by us.

Certified Quality for Clean Results

HARKE CleanCare has a large product portfolio of certified raw materials and additives. Our products are used in the production of many different detergents and disinfectants: Starting from washing powders, dish washing liquids and multi purpose cleaners up to the production of special detergents for industrial or medical purposes. Whether shining bright, streak free gleaming or absolutely clean – we deliver high quality products for clean results. Our raw materials provide that your clean care product will not give scale, soil and bacteria any chance, making cleaning a lot easier for the users in industry and household.