Your product is more than the sum of its parts- with our raw materials.

HARKE Coatings, Plastics & Polymers, a business unit of HARKE Chemicals GmbH offers you a broad range of products including different raw materials as well as system solutions in the fields of coatings, paints and polymers.

With various raw materials we “color” our product range. Whether for resins or lacquers like acrylic-, epoxy or alkyd resins, whether for paints or plasters – we supply for instance suitable fillers or products that improve surface hardness, corrosion protection or brilliance. Moreover, HARKE Coatings, Plastics & Polymers provides raw materials for powder coatings such as micronized blanc fixe or benzoin.

In the range of polymers and plastics we provide a broad range of raw materials, such as for example polyols. Additionally, we have various additives in our product range to improve the properties of your systems. We offer you different flame retardants, plasticizers and PVC additives.

Together with our partners we trace technical developments and recognize market trends in order to be able to supply our customers at any time with raw materials that correspond with the latest requirements.

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